The Comedians

Taylor Coughtrie 

Blind Man

Taylor Coughtrie is a young millennial with a poor work ethic and all the answers. He'll entertain you, probably annoy you, but definitely introduce you to a different way of thinking about life, and maybe even force a few audience members to look in the mirror uncomfortably. Taylor guides you through the thought processes of a self-proclaimed ‘degenerate genius.’ He’s performed in sold out shows at the Canberra Comedy Festival, a prison, and came third place at the RAW Comedy state final.

Nick Schuller

Blind man

Nick Schuller has the answers to the questions nobody asked. Which football club would make the best terrorist organisation? What was JFK’s most used hashtag? How can we improve Australia’s gate manufacturing crisis? Nick’s comedy sees him apply his sharp analytical mind to subjects that definitely don’t need to be analysed. The result is a hilarious deep dive into the minutiae of everyday life. Affable, engaging and a little bizarre, Nick delivers a unique brand of stand-up that is sure to please.

Chris Marlton

blind man

Do polar bears fly on planes? Can alligators play piano? And when has a little bit of garbage really hurt anyone? Chris Marlton has all the answers... Bringing a mixture of mind-bending one liners and engaging and laugh-inducing stories that have to be heard to be believed, there isn’t another comedian doing exactly what Marlton is doing; get in on the ground floor and experience these hilarious fever dreams while you can.